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Moxie Bling

Neon Daisy Horn Headdress

Neon Daisy Horn Headdress

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This Headdress is adorned with long, smooth, marbled neon rainbow, upturned, pointed horns protruding outward 35mm. They are nestled amongst pink, white and green roses and rosebuds. A large pink daisy is the centerpiece and tiny white wings at the base of the horns. From its widest points it is approximately 94mm wide. It is one of a kind, though could very similarly be reproduced.

They are extremely light weight, only weighing a couple grams even with embellishments and hold very well provided they are applied properly. They can be reapplied with body glue or lash glue for continued use! They should be applied to clean, dry skin, free of lotions, makeup, and natural oils. Lightly cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball is best. Makeup or body paint may be applied around it once they are attached. 

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