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Moxie Bling

Karma Horn Headdress

Karma Horn Headdress

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Made myself a pair of these for a Chappell Roan concert, just absolutely loved the design so made another. Look for more colors and styles to come! Got an idea for a custom color? Message me and I can make your dreams come true! The horns are extremely light weight, only a couple grams even with embellishments! They hold incredible well when applied properly. 

They can be reapplied with body glue or lash glue for continued use! They should be applied to clean, dry skin, free of lotions, makeup, and natural oils. Lightly cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball is best. Makeup or body paint may be applied around it once they are attached. 

Latex free and self adhesive as well as reusable with a little care. An excellent addition to face paint, body art, or cosplay. Comes with a care card. Colors may vary. For best results apply to clean, dry skin. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry. Peel and place your bling then apply any makeup , face or body paint around it. 

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