How to Apply that Bling with Staying Power!

How to Apply that Bling with Staying Power!

Wondering how to get Moxie Bling to stick? Want your bling to last ALL DAY even in sweaty conditions? Im here to help! Ive worn some of my large side eye bling for several hours I the heat of south eastern summer without any lifting or slipping. Let me tell you, if you're wondering, women *do* sweat! It even lasted through that.

Before you apply bling, make sure the skin is clean! No makeup, no face paint, baby wipes work ok, but your best bet is a little rubbing alcohol. Let that dry.

Next you're going to peel and place that bling! Take your time here and do your best not to have to lift and reapply. Stick and commit!

Now you can apply your makeup or face paint AROUND the bling. If you get some on it, take a cloth and wipe it off, no sweat. 


That's it! Don't forget- tell your clients, and know for yourself, these are reusable! Use em until they fall apart!

When you remove them, stick them back on their paper, or onto something slick like a mirror or hard plastic, and repeat the process with your next application. I do recommend a bit of body glue with reuse. Lash glue is a great alternative as well! Body glue can be hard to come by outside of halloween.

I hope this was helpful! Im always around to answer questions so reach out on Facebook, instagram, or shoot me an email!

Hugs and Kisses!


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